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Jaxon Tippet


Jaxon is a 26 year old Fitness Coach & Model from Gold Coast, Australia.
With 6 years of experience in the fitness industry and thousands of successful transformations both physically and mentally. Jaxon's commitment to both his clients and to himself shows in his bright, driven and highly positive personality which is a key feature of who he is as a person in general. Jaxon has a strong mindset which allows him to be capable of anything he sets his mind too. He is a family first sort of guy and enjoys anything outdoors and just living his life each day.

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If you lack confidence in your physical appeal, if you lack confidence mentally then I am the guy for you. My plans are different, not only will they help you see results physically, they will help you see results mentally. Everything I do for you is so that you achieve your dreams not my dreams. I will customize everything to suit your goals and ambitions from dieting to training plans and supplements and help you reach a mindset that has you believing in yourself more and more everyday.
There will be hard days that's life but 24 hours a day 7 days a week I will be there.
That is why I am the best trainer for you.

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